Key Personnel

Tim Long, Senior Manager

As you have likely read in the MCC/MCCI press release, MCCI has recently entered into a management agreement with Meridian Construction Corporation. As part of this management partnership, Tim Long's responsibilities include strategic planning and management of all departments, including sales and marketing, forecasting, budgeting, and benchmarking business progress, growth, and profitability. In 2009, he won the NH Good Scout Award for business ethics and has previously served as Chairman of the Board for Associated Builders & Contractors.

Kyle Long, Operations Manager

Also, as part of the previously mentioned agreement, Kyle Long serves as executive project manager and daily operations manager for all MCCI projects, keeping close contact with owners, architects, subcontractors and project superintendents throughout the construction process. He has an extensive history of both field and managerial aspects of construction and is a dual graduate of Architectural/Civil Engineering as well as Business Finance from the University of New Hampshire.

Frank Moody, Project Manager

Frank Moody has been in commercial construction since 1980. Frank specializes in educational, industrial, and government facilities throughout New Hampshire and Southern Maine, from planning to completion including estimating, establishing budgets, negotiating contracts, coordination of labor, progress reports and project close-outs. Prior to joining MCCI in November 1998, Frank worked for public power and transportation facilities and for a local contractor. Frank holds a State of Massachusetts Superintendent's license.

Gary O'Connell, Project Manager

Gary O'Connell has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and specifically focused on energy efficient design, green building techniques, and clean energy solutions. For the past eight years as a Project Manager with MCCI, Gary's responsibilities have included the estimating, scheduling, contract negotiations, and all aspects of project management from breaking ground to close-out and occupancy. Gary is a Certified Building Commissioning Professional from the AEE and holds the 30-Hour OSHA certification.

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