Residential Construction

Kimball Carriage Condominiums, Manchester, NH

Complete renovation of existing three-story 30,000 sf mill building. MCCI was charged with assembling the team of professionals to design the renovation/rehabilitation project from the ground up and to ensure all approvals and permits were obtained. Design began for the professional offices of the first and second floors. The third floor was slated for residential condos and needed a separate approval for the mixed use facility. This was one of the first mixed use projects presented to the City of Manchester. Since its completion several other rehab projects have followed our lead, both locally and nationally. MCCI tailored the design for each of the condo owners as they were sold and built out, including one unit that occupied the former freight elevator tower, a five story structure, now housing a 3-level private residence with roof deck.

MCCI is proud to have been instrumental in paving the way to one of the first mixed use facilities in the City. The building continues to be fully occupied, and the occupants have all enjoyed that there are inhabitants 24 hours a day. To that, the building has not been subject to the vandalism that adjacent properties have experienced.

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